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The decision-makers in your industry are busy folks, and can't be everywhere. Enter webinars, presentations, lectures, workshops and seminars transmitted over the Web. Knowledge-building and also interactive, webinars can be both live and pre-recorded. Our know-how in implementing webinars makes it a perfect client opportunity. Participants can ask questions and receive answers in real time. Often, participants receive course materials by e-mail prior to a seminar and can view the PowerPoint during the presentation. Webinars offer exceptional convenience and are viewed as extremely cost-effective as it frees up travel budgets. If you are seeking to generate credits for continuing education (CE) requirements, webinars fit the bill every time!

Continuing Education

Many people seek education and knowledge that is part and parcel of their business. Dashboard-driven and e-commerce-enabled (free and paid courses), the DaVinci open source platform offers our clients a robust, proven and fully customizable and scalable Continuing Education (CE) platform that addresses individualized needs.

Research & Surveys

Most all of us know that knowledge is power. In a business environment, knowledge is also powerfully profitable. That's where DaVinci's research strengths factor in significantly. Able to conduct sampling aimed at a target audience; follow up by drafting/designing the survey and execute via online, e-mail and direct delivery channels. The turnkey service includes analyzing data, presenting findings—all with a customized outlay of reports and analysis. It's more than simply academic in nature but performed tactically and strategically for client benefit.


This component can spark peer-to-peer interaction that is powered by a customizable, scalable and open source platform. Our team can integrate forums with your brand and media initiatives, as well as support multiple levels of access.

Custom Apps

The development of custom web-based applications to support your business goals can be fully tailored to your current needs and future requirements. Often developed to address a niche opportunity, custom apps can provide a competitive advantage. Apps are designed to be browser-neutral, or specific to a type of device (mobile or laptop). Our experience provides the flexibility to create apps that are e-commerce enabled, sponsored, free or pay-per-play—all with the underlying objective of engaging and providing value to both users and owners.