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All organizations enjoy being recognized through awards. It cuts both ways: Organizations such as media companies have made it a stated goal to sponsor industry awards—recognizing industry stakeholders for their excellence. Coordinating a complete, turnkey and customized awards system can be intricate. Our team's track record in this realm can deliver the tools, training and support all clients require in preparation for hosting a memorable awards event.


The decision-makers in your industry are busy folks, and can't be everywhere. Enter webinars, presentations, lectures, workshops and seminars transmitted over the Web. Knowledge-building and also interactive, webinars can be both live and pre-recorded. Our know-how in implementing webinars makes it a perfect client opportunity. Participants can ask questions and receive answers in real time. Often, participants receive course materials by e-mail prior to a seminar and can view the PowerPoint during the presentation. Webinars offer exceptional convenience and are viewed as extremely cost-effective as it frees up travel budgets. If you are seeking to generate credits for continuing education (CE) requirements, webinars fit the bill every time.


Live events that cater to prospects, clients or others that are part of your audience are once-and-done events — a "snapshot" in time. As such, conferences must resonate with attendees and sponsors and provide the requisite takeaways that can be actionable going forward. DaVinci's competencies in coordinating and producing live events is well-documented. We can work with you to facilitate, enable, market, promote and execute a live event — even host! We can develop themes, topics and materials for the conference—including marketing and attendee surveys — collaborating with you every step of the way in a total turn-key fashion.